[CTS Seminar] Direct Conversion HR GaAs: Cr Pixel Sensors for Spectral X-ray Imaging

ON2023-12-04TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: Lecture

Topic: Direct Conversion HR GaAs: Cr Pixel Sensors for Spectral X-ray Imaging

Speaker: Anton V. Tyazhev, Head of Ionizing radiation detector laboratory, Tomsk State University (Tomsk U)

Date and time: 10:30–11:30, December 6

Venue: 105, #5 building of SPST

Tencent Meeting ID: 134 539 137


The  report presents the results of R&D in the field of X-ray pixel  sensors and spectral Xray imaging detectors based on chromium  compensated gallium arsenide (HR GaAs: Cr), carried out by the R&D  Center “Advanced Electronic Technologies” of Tomsk State University.

It  is shown that of HR GaAs: Cr X-ray pixel sensors operating in the  photon counting mode is promising candidate for spectral X-ray imaging  systems having of spatial resolution up to 30 µm and an energy  resolution about 4 keV within 10–60 keV energy range at room  temperature. It has been experimentally established that HR GaAs: Cr  X-ray pixel sensors are characterized by radiation hardness about 1.5  MGy at 8–20 MeV beta particle irradiation and more than 1 MGy when  irradiated with 12 keV quanta. Feasibility of spectral X-ray detector  application for contrast-enhanced spectral mammography (CESM) as well as  for spectral X-ray imaging will also be discussed.


Anton  V. Tyazhev is the head of Ionizing radiation detector laboratory of  “Advanced Electronic Technologies” R&D Center, Tomsk State  University, Tomsk, Russian Federation. His team is well-known for  leading the efforts of developing various semiconductor detectors and is  the first one to demonstrate that Cr compensating process can  significantly improve the stability of GaAs detector, paving its way for  x-ray imaging.