FoLST-ShanghaiTech Forum for building an active life science community was held

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What are the frontier topics in the field of life science? What are the latest breakthroughs in the challenging areas of research? The Forum on Frontiers of Life Science and Technology (FoLST-ShanghaiTech) offered answers to these questions. The forum was held from May 10 to 12 in the Conference Center as one of the activities marking ShanghaiTech’s 10th anniversary. Consistent with the vision of the SLST Annual Academic Symposium started in 2013, the FoLST Forum is committed to creating a platform for academic exchanges and collaborative scientific research for young scholars in the field of life sciences in China.


At the opening ceremony, Vice President Jiang Ge delivered the address.

He said that since the establishment of ShanghaiTech ten years ago, the university has been committed to creating a high-quality learning environment and a good learning culture for students, and encouraging teachers and students to constantly innovate, cooperate, and pursue knowledge. He also emphasized that in terms of academic education, ShanghaiTech is unique in terms of its orientation and features, striving to bridge the gap between basic research and practical application, focusing on technology and innovation, and promoting technology transfer. Many remarkable achievements have already been made in academic research, transfer, and transformation in the field of life sciences.


The forum attracted 30 experts, scholars, and industry experts to exchange their latest research progress in person, and had special sessions on molecular and cell biology, biomedicine, immunity and metabolism, neuroscience, life-omics, computational and structural biology, and technology transfer. After each report, participants engaged in heated discussions with experts and scholars. They all thought that the forum provided a good opportunity for academic exchange and further cross-fields cooperation.

Young scholars and students were encouraged to display their research results in the poster exhibition, and to discuss them with other participants. In the short report session on the last day, 12 best poster presenters were selected to deliver reports and share their research progress.

FoLST is hosted by SLST, co-organized by SIAIS, iHuman, BME, SCRTC, and National Facility for Protein Science Shanghai. Several hundred people from more than 15 institutions and companies attended this forum.