SEM welcomes new distinguished adjunct professors

ON2023-05-01TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: School of Entrepreneurship and Management

The School of Entrepreneurship and Management (SEM) welcomed two renowned scholars from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), Liu Xielin and Yang Xiaoguang, as distinguished adjunct professors, and held an appointment ceremony in April. The two professors respectively have long focused on the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, and financial innovation and risk management.


Vice President Li Ruxin extended a warm welcome and conferred appointment certificates to Liu and Yang. “The joining of the two professors will make SEM more powerful. They will definitely promote the progress of student cultivation in entrepreneurial innovation and system engineering as well as the academic research,” said Li Ruxin. “Junior faculty and young students can learn from the two professors through comprehensive and closer academic cooperation with them, to improve the quality of SEM’s disciplines and research, and achieve a further high-level development.”


Liu and Yang expressed confidence that they would play their critical roles in promoting SEM as a high-level academic team, and contributing to its development.


Wang Shouyang, Dean of SEM welcomed Liu and Yang to join ShanghaiTech. “SEM has established a workshop system for distinguished adjunct professors. The two professors will have their workshops to help train junior faculty in SEM and promote the development of the school.”


Hong Yongmiao, Dean of the School of Economics and Management of UCAS, congratulated Liu and Yang on their appointments and said he will promote the continuous collaboration, together with Wang Shouyang, between ShanghaiTech and UCAS.


From left to right: Wang Shouyang, Yang Xiaoguang, Li Ruxin, Liu Xielin, Hong Yongmiao

All faculty members and part of the student group of SEM attended the ceremony. Zhou Yu, Chief Human Resources Officer hosted the ceremony.