About the office

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The office of International Affairs (OIA) is the office for ShanghaiTech's global affairs at university level. 

Ÿ  International collaborations

Ÿ  University visits abroad and international visits to the university

Ÿ  International business trips

Ÿ  International conferences

Ÿ  International exchange program application

Ÿ  International research grant application

Ÿ  Support for entrepreneurship practice and technology transfer

Contact us:

1. NIE Yan, Ph.D., Deputy Director

Presides over the work, overall planning and coordination of various affairs

+86 021 20685229


2. XIAO Yin, Assistant Director

International exchange and cooperation projects, foreign affairs

+86 021 20685146


3. SONG Yao, Manager

English publicity

+86 021 20684832


4. DAI Yulong, Ph.D., Manager

International business travel

+86 021 20685381


5. QIAN Lele, Manager

International conference, international visiting students, international S&T cooperation

+86 021 20685392